As a psychic medical Intutitive, I am here to help people on that path of discovery, in turn this is also helping me to understand who and what I am as a Christian. When I give a reading, there are a number of questions that are often asked. From the most embarrassing and revealing to the most critical questions. Some of the questions from callers have been:

Q: Why does the website look like this?

A: Most of my clients call from their cell phones, so it made sense to keep the website simple, quick to use, and fast to load. For those clients using a laptop or desktop, this site will function as normal.

Q: I do not have pay-pal, what can I do?

A: You do not have to have a pay-pal account, but you must make the payment using paypal. Paypal does not require accounts to use their services.

Q: I want to know if aliens are real, and how to contact them.

A: Yes, aliens are in fact real. But due to cover ups and "other controls", It is up to you to decide what is fact or fiction as proof is hard or dangerous to get.

Q: Is my past loved one in heaven or hell?

A. Only the good Lord can answer that question.

Q: I want to know if God "or someone from the other side" has any messages for me.

A: This is a common question, and in many cases there are messages, but more often the message is about faith, your path, love and compassion.

Q: Can you tell me what my future holds?

A: In many cases it is true that your future outlook can be seen and foretold, but these readings should be considered transient in the long term.

Q: Will I become rich?

A: Many clients ask this for the near term and long term outlook. In most cases, if there is money coming into the client’s life, it does not always reflect the actual amount, but on rare occasions I do see people getting rather wealthy. But those circumstances are very extraordinary.

Q: When will I die:

A: Sorry this question is forbidden to ask, I will not answer it.

Q: I am having an affair, will this cause a problem?

A: In many cases I get this question, and the answer is not so easy that I can write it here. Every situation is different.

Q: Will I ever get my dream job?

A: This is one of the biggest questions I get, and so many are desperate for their dream job. The one thing I ask my clients is to ask themselves “what is my dream job?” and if they know it, then the answer is available.

Q: I lost something, can you see where it is?

A: Remote viewing is very real, and very possible. It really depends on the item, and your connection to it.

Q: I want to buy a house, car, or other...will I be able to?

A: In most cases this question can and will be answered. But be ready, it might be an odd answer.

Q: Will my ex spouse come back to me?

A: This question is very important, and can uncover other issues.

Q: Will my new company be successful?

A: Factually speaking many new companies do not survive. But will yours.

Q: Can you help to remove ghosts, spirits, or demons?

A: When I worked as a Paranormal Researcher I had vast experience with all kinds of activity in most cases I can help, but every single case is different.

Q: Are you accountable for your readings if something goes wrong?

A: This service is for advice only, irregardless of any actions taken by the client after the advice is given, any and all actions of the client after the phene call is over, are the sole responsibility of the client. The use of this website for the sole purpose of giving advise is for information only. When a client pays for a call, then the client is accpeting and aware of this policy, and accepts all responsibility and accountablity. Matthew Brandau shall be held harmless, and not be held accountble or liable for any reason, under any law, nationally or internationally.