This is nothing new, not by a long shot, but, it is very demanding of our attention. The issue we are really dealing with is the pandemic with influence by media coverage towards the negative side. In the eyes of the media, there is nothing a politician can do that would be seen as a good move. Even when the vaccine has finally brought the pandemic under control, the media will either move onto the next story without reporting good news, or they will find a way to suggest further concerns. 

Then we have the mentally ill, and their history dating from the early 1900’s to 2000, when all insane asylums were closed due to new drugs and patient rights. These days the mentally challenged are offered less hope due to a broken medical system through out USA. Profit is much more important to the corporate investors then the actual patient. 

This has even translated to elderly care in nursing homes being diminished in quality, and more profit driven. Again due to a broken, profit driven systems that investors demand. It would have been better if the system remained under strict state control, but they failed to keep that due to financial influences.

In many cases of my psychic readings, many younger teens are suffering from court involved parents breakups. Most of the questions revolve around who is to blame, and who will get full rights to guardianship for the children. 

Unfortunately, the legal system is just as broken as the political system. I would even say that the “United States” is not so united when it comes to federal, state, and local laws. 

The election coming up will not change anything, Either Trump or Biden will win, but after, no one knows whats next, and it seems no one cares. The only things that matters is the election.That in itself is such a loss of intelligent thinking. 

When people ask me, “when will things get better”, I say, “when the rich people decide to be humanitarians, and education becomes more important than our next cell phone purchase.


The world of psychics is growing at a fantastic rate. But, will it help?