This has potential to be confusing, enlightening, controversial, argumentative, and perhaps even insulting, but be assured, its the truth of what my experience was, and is.

In the world of psychics, there is a colossal misunderstanding, miss leading information, and blatant lies. All this information comes from different angles. The two worst perpetrators are Hollywood and personal interpretation (usually meaning “how does this work for me”).

Starting with Hollywood is the easier one. They continually portray psychics and mediums as part of a belief system that worships their own version of some sort of devil. But even their version of the devil is warped. Its all about the dollar, and entertainment. But, sadly, it does not end there, it continues its after effects into sales of toys and Talismanic playful ideals for kids and others who wish to become their mythical Hollywood hero’s. It simply never remains as pure entertainment, it literally becomes a way of life. So, from an dramatic movie meant to entertain to a transitional belief system with putting hope into this translates or morphs into a warped sense of truth.

That being said, interpretation is the second issue. People are always looking for the truth, and in many cases the source is sometimes strong in its origin, but its either not complete, or there are many gaps. This leads to self interpretation, and can become quite dangerous. Even with good intent.

My personal experience has shown me the light of the truth I have chosen, and its very bewildering, overwhelming, mysterious, and terrifying.

I was a paranormal investigator many years ago, and my belief system was a bit scattered, but I was leaning towards Christianity. In a number of houses that we investigated there were some real issues in just a few. of the investigation we did discover spiritual activity. We asked the residence what they wanted to do, most said please get rid of the ghosts.

We had pagan witches, warlocks, self proclaimed holly people, and many others who had offered to help clean, and did attempt to clean the house of the spirits, but, all failed. The activity always returned. But, when a person of faith in God and the Bible blessed the house, it always caused the house to become peaceful, and the activity stopped.

We were not fighting evil, and we thought we were helping, but our ignorance was totally complete. Many of our conversations revolved around what we believed. Most of the time, our colleagues were just looking for proof of the paranormal. But, if proof was seen or caught on film, more proof was then needed. It was never enough.

Just like in the movies or through personal interpretation, the ending was never enough. People always wanted more.

But if you bring the Bible in, and pray to God, for some reason, it was always enough, and everyone left feeling fulfilled or not needing more answers.

Psychics are not from Hollywood, nor are they pagans or evil doers. They are messengers, and they have chosen by God to help us find our path.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many who claim to be psychics who are not, and these people are dangerous. Greed comes in all forms.

If you are talking to a psychic, you can ask them what their faith is, if its not God, I would suggest caution, because you might be getting messages to lead you away from the path that you were intended for. The Devils one job is to have you renounce god, and he does it in any way he can.