Its one of the most common questions I get. But its important to ask. Not because the answer might be simple as a yes or no, but because these people are very concerned about their well being.
The answer is never a yes or no “for sure”, but it is a very powerful positive possibility. So, why is the answer so vague? Because the idea or ideology of wealth is based on different solutions. First-get rich fast, and second, get rich through design. Third is the ongoing unresolved fantasy of getting rich, perpetuated by TV and internet.
Most people who get rich start early in life, and are supported by design. The question for them is not “when will I get rich?” but “how do I make my work work for me?”
In the latter, its about investing in yourself. Now I am not a financial advisor, but after so many readings it is clear that most people have no idea about investing in themselves. But this is part of the path to self enrichment and leads to success.
There are lots of “loss leads” that people follow. Get rich quick schemes are a huge part of the problem of loss leads. They make you think you can get wealthy with their plan, but there is always something being left out of the equation. In most cases, it is the effort, or local legal processes that you simply are not aware of. So, when people ask me if they will get rich, the answer is in the design or if you play the lottery. Most do not get rich, but they want to be. Those who create a plan and follow it, tend to see benefits quite quickly.