Yes we are in fact heading for one. In this century 2010 and forward, we are self witnessing the events leading to a change that could make Mars seem like a reflection in the global mirror. Our lack of awareness is not a fault of our own doing, it is an ignorance gifted to us by intellectual force. We are the slaves of love to a culture that is built around us, and it is wrapping its loving arms above and below our eyes. We are eyes wide open in innocence to a civilized death. A change that we welcome without questioning the intent or our fate.

Amazing things are happening though. We are on the precipice of change, but not by the wisdom of our forefathers, yet by the ignorance of our common sense-gifted children. Our younglings are looking at us as adults who are playing a world wide seductive game of king of the hill with a deadly twist of “no winner allowed”, hence, learning to play tick tack toe without seeing the truth of the zero sum ending.

If we allow ourselves to continue with our current lifestyles, we lose what we thought would be for our children, and they sit on our trash claiming victory over nothing.