What is a prophet? Many people may wonder what that actually means. In short, its a person who has been chosen by God through means of faith to give messages to those who seek answers.

These prophets have been around before the years when Jesus Christ walked the Earth, and they continue to this day to do the same.

With all of the issues of these days it is not a surprise that more messages are coming through. But a big question is, are people even asking?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know if people are following God more, or less, these days. Mostly due to media influence, and both misinformation / lack of accurate reporting. Thankfully these institutions are affecting the masses on a macro level, but without substance. On a micro level, prophets are still affecting the word and messages of God.

Now being a prophet is not a magical process, it is in fact something that everyone has instilled on them at birth. When a baby is born, it has a spirit with it. This spirit is the automatic connection to God, because that is where the spirit comes from.

As each person grows, the gift of the spirit remains with them, but, influences will cause changes, and that is where prophets come in. They help others to learn/remember the word of God.

Some prophets become self realized and expand their efforts, becoming recognized as a prophet.