In most cases you will hear the old saying “its a new day” and so you feel like it will be better than yesterday. But, it actually is starting to become the truth. But the awakening process, or awareness is a slow process. It can take generations. Back in the early 1900’s and even before, there was the usual daily routine. But opportunity would vary each decade. People for the most part did not know about the things happening far off in distant states such as the mid west. Even some local places such as Florida or Maryland. Due to the educational levels, and banking systems evolving in very unknown ways, the locals did not know about anything other than doing daily business.
But, there were always “stories” that were too fantastic to accept, so were placed into the fantasy category of the story tellers who shared their truths. These story tellers were in fact more awake, or aware of the possibilities then most.
Moving forward, world wide, some random experiences began to take place that could not be controlled by those in wealth and power. The awareness begins to grow, but now, its in a new direction. These story tellers are growing in numbers, and they independently share many of these same experiences. This creates cohesion in the eyes of the public. They no longer brush off these fantasies, but begin to spread the word. This is not good for the people in power and wealth. The awareness of our world is now literally on the verge of “a new day” because we are now looking to the skies in expectation, and less in wonderment. What the powerful already know, and wish to control is seeping out of this invisible information dam. It cannot be repaired, and the dam will break. But because we as a growing Earth born alien astronauts, and indigenous Homosapien sapien have absorbed the leaked information, we are now waiting for the rest to be released, and, as we are all incredibly strong in physical and spiritual adaptation, we are aware that what may come will shove us into the cosmos faster than the speed of light.

So, yes, it is a new dawn for humans, and within one or two generations, we will be reflecting upon Carl Sagan’s views that there is so much more out there, and we are part of it.