This question makes me giggle. Why? Well, lets look at it from the perspective of God. To this very day, people are still asking that question, “is God real?”
Now my own belief is that God is in fact real, but I can also reflect on other folks views. Most of the people are either agnostic, or frightened of being tricked. One of the other beliefs that causes this on going force of cause is scientific proof of doubt, and its very powerful.
But, the clash of these two is only based on Ego.
Now, how about psychics, why would people call them fake? The same theory applies to the God belief, but its easier to dismiss the claim of the psychic. as the truth faster because it does not have the same foundation as that of other belief systems. In the American culture alone the psychic industry was potentially created on a lie. Two daughters in NY state pretended to talk to the dead or get psychic answers using the snapping of the toe knuckle.

But, does that mean psychics on the whole are fake, or does that mean that doubters have a larger voice, al be it less representative than the majority of the public at large?
I would suggest that lies, or fakes are part of our society, and as a whole, its a human issue at all levels. Lies have been around since man kind was created.

But, it does not prove that psychics are fake. It does show us to use caution, but in many circumstances, psychics have proven to be authentic for the majority of psyhics out there.

There are those who have a powerful reason to disbelieve psychics, and can be vehemently vicious towards them through the public eye. But, that is sadly a critical and severe prejudice towards the industry on the whole, and unfairly as well. Perhaps the motivation towards this is based on the money that is unfairly taken in the victims eyes, but, why would people through millions of dollars into a wishing well each year, or give money to the church weekly out of kindness? Isnt the connection to god through the bible?

We can find what we want for facts to prove fake or true if we want. The problem that is faced the most often is, who is listening, and what are they listening too?