Do you see it? No? Well, soon you, and others will. Its in the news, on the radio, and all over the web. But don’t worry, most of us ignore it. Why? Good question! The answer….because its not entertaining. Did you know that most people do not know about what is happening in the town next to them? Unless its a massive construction for a new Mall, or a new Prison, its just not worthy of interest. But, this is changing.
Want to know why? Its simple! The same thing is happening all over the world. Most people think things are getting really strange now, and they are right! Politics, corporations, exponentially increased sizes of organized mobs or gatherings. Medicine changing in its approach. Its all shifting.
What is getting worse, is that the people, or perpetrators do not want people to see what is happening. Getting upset, is one thing, its quiet, less actionable, and very little attention. But…………………………………………………..AWARENESS! That’s what is helping us! That is what you will see very soon. Awareness of what is going on. Its like a new life form is starting to seed itself within our selves. It cannot be stopped, but, it can be wonderfully effective in helping you to see further into the world around you. This way you can do something that is different, new, and exciting. You can make choices on things like truth, options that were never known before, and ways to secure you, and your family’s future. Awareness also increases your brains capacity!

There is a huge issue about seeing what is happening all around you daily. But soon, generations of people will see much farther than they do today.