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Matthew Brandau

Autonomous car developers Google vs Tesla

There has been a lot of things going on in this industry. People are changing their habits and purchasing power is shifting in a new direction. But, both Google Waymo and Tesla will survive each others competition. Why? Two different markets, and customers. Tesla is growing in international markets for sure, but is limited to its success in its foundation for structure. Google on the other hand, is somewhat limited to its location, but its infrastructure is spread out all over the world in investors and technological suppliers.

I suspect Google’s Waymo will sell like crazy in some parts of the world, but not be allowed, or be very restricted in other countries like China. Tesla on the other hand will cater more towards the wealthy countries and rich people, which is already happening.

The two companies will merge in some technology sharing, but their brand name sales will remain independent of each other.

I have a feeling Elon Musk will also be visiting the moon soon, yes, I feel as if he will actually travel to the moon.

Who really won the 2020 presidential election?

That is a very difficult question from a legal standpoint. Main stream media has “officially” informed the public that Biden has won, but in the back ground, there is a lot of commotion. Some people directly involved in the legal vote processing are coming forward and telling their truths. Some things happened that were illegal. Could this change the end result? I suspect that Trump has a chance to overturn this election, but I cannot promise it. I will say that I had a gut feeling…..a strong gut feeling that Trump would win. But, again, I am not claiming to be a Trump or Biden fan. I am just providing the insight that something is seriously wrong in the system. Voters might be very pissed off if its proven that their votes were screwed with, and the system is broken.

My personal view……its not about who is in the presidential position, its deeper, its about who has the money, and that issue is getting worse by the year.

Authentic Psychic


I am a natural born authentic psychic, and have studied Pagan witchcraft, out of body experiences, and managed a paranormal research group. I have had personal encounters with spirits through mediumship. Want to know more about 3 of my beginning  experiences? Click here.

I am a Christian by faith, and for hobbies I am writing a science fiction book, and play guitar.

My strongest skill is in reading photos of people. For these readings you will need to send me the picture in jpeg or png format. You can send the photo using the contact me page. It will require the knowledge of how to put an image into the body of an email.

Each of us has a path in life, from day to day routines to planning for school, vacations, or major changes in life. During these times, difficulty does come. Relationships, moments of the heart, job changes, social behavior, and more.

Most people do not have much time to figure things out, or, they need someone to help guide them in the better direction and getting solid advise on confusing questions.

Psychologists are often considered until people find the “red tape” to get the help is not reasonable. Costs, waiting time, and multiple sessions before clarity is found. Even then there are some concerns. Do the doctor and patient understand each other, or is there a disconnect? This does happen in reality.

This is why authentic psychics have always been around, and continue to help to this day. When it comes to the need for answers to a quick few questions, authentic psychics have proven to be the better choice. Most of the time, authentic psychics are ready to answer your question within minutes.

 Your stress levels will go down, and you will feel better.